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Administrator's Corner


     Once again, September brings us the chaos, the fun, and the fellowship of the Ohio River Sternwheel Festival!  As in previous years, we will have three days of fun, food, and entertainment for all our members to enjoy!  We will be closing the parking lot beginning Saturday morning (barring bad weather) and we will have the traditional cookout, cornhole, and music all afternoon long.  The Women of the Moose will be frying fish on Friday evening, our Moose Legion Committee will be serving breakfast Saturday morning, and the Kitchen will be opened by the Lodge for dinner on Saturday evening and breakfast again on Sunday morning.  This year we will be visited by the Ohio State Moose Association Vice President, Roger Fausnaugh, and his wife Joy as well as countless Brothers and Co-Workers from all over the region!  I am certain that we can show everyone how friendly and fun we can be!

     At the Moose International Convention in Las Vegas, held at the end of June, the Delegates to the Convention voted to make the Fraternity smoke free!  This includes e-cigarettes and vaping units.  This will go into effect on January 1, 2020.  Thank you for adhering to this new statute. Also, in the coming weeks you will notice signs in the parking lot dedicating parking for the bar stewards.  The signs will not bar you from parking in the spots, but they will make it known that if you are parked there at shift change, you will be asked to move your car.  Let me be clear, the bar staff’s safety is of the utmost importance to the Board of Officers and it should be to the membership as well.  In today’s day and age, anything can happen late at night and this helps us avoid an avoidable problem. 

     Finally, beginning October 1, 2019 all discounting for activity groups, committees, and the Women of the Moose will be made uniform.  All discounts afforded to Moose Legionnaires on Tuesdays, Ladies on Wednesday nights, and to Valued Veterans when they get off the ground will be as follows:  50¢ off all individual products.  This excludes buckets and pitchers.  All discounts will run from Noon to 10 PM.

     Thank you for all the support each and everyone of you offer our Lodge!  Enjoy Sternwheel Weekend as well as the gentle onset of Autumn!



"A word about the 9 o’clock ceremony"
     At nine o’clock each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, all that are gathered in our Lodge home are asked to participate in a very special ritual that is at the heart of our Fraternity.  All are asked to rise and join in the recital of a prayer blessing Moose heart and the children that it protects.  At the conclusion, a collection is taken up to be contributed to the Mooseheart and Moosehaven Endowment Fund.  If you have yet to witness a ceremony we would encourage you to do so.  It is the essence of what our Fraternity is and will continue to be, going forward.

     Contributing to the Endowment Fund collection is voluntary, and anything that is contributed is appreciated.  There is a small white board hanging outside the Buckeye Room with the total dollars raised.
       Member Retention is key to the success of our Lodge! 
     Please be sure that your membership card is up to date, and if you do receive a dues reminder please give it your prompt attention!
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