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Administrator's Corner


     As the holidays come to an end and we begin to face the inevitable cold of January and February it may be hard to find joy in the small wonder that is slightly longer days.  After December 21, each day is a few seconds longer than the previous one.  It is nearly imperceptible at first, but by the end of January there is a noticeable change and with it comes hope for Spring!  With the hope for Spring comes a sense of renewal and longing for fresh starts.

     By this time, either you New Year’s resolutions have taken root or been cast off.  You are committed to your 2020 goals or you have slipped back into monotony.  The spat you had with a parent or sibling at Thanksgiving or Christmas hasn’t yet faded away or you mustered the courage to confront the problem and resolve the issue.

     Fraternal bodies go through the same cycles of optimism and also often backslide into wintry darkness.  Members have falling outs and pledge to never return while so and so is still a member.  Confrontations with employees or Officers make people want to give up their memberships in lieu of talking through the problem, coming to a compromise, and allowing bygones to be bygones.  What good is served by this attitude?  In the short term, we may feel justified in our actions, but does this help the children at Mooseheart or the seniors at Moosehaven?  Does turning our back on the Fraternal promise we made at enrollment help our Community?  Do we benefit from letting go of the rope when so many people that care about us as a Brother or Co-worker are pulling so diligently in the direction of Purity, Aid, and Progress?  The answers to these questions are all unique to each one of us reading this article and they also are indicative of whether our outlook on our Lodge is optimistic or cast off to the dark of winter.

     I am confident that in 2020 more of us are optimistic for a Fraternal Spring than will choose to embrace the Winter!  Now the real question is how to turn optimism into action?  When is the last time you attended a committee meeting or a Lodge meeting?  Have you had an idea that wasn’t shared for fear of being unpopular or hard to implement?  Bring it on!  Does your passion intersect with the values of the Moose, but you are apprehensive about volunteering?  We can do it together!  Have you been away for a while and don’t want your return to be awkward or tense?  Welcome back, Brother!  It’s been too long since we’ve seen your smiling face! Let’s share a beverage! Are you in personal need and are embarrassed to reach out?  We are family, we are our Brother’s keeper, and the burden heavy to one is borne lightly by the many!                                                                                                  
     As we set forth into a new year and decade, I encourage all of us to look inward and stoke our Fraternal fire.  Some of us may need to add some fuel but I am certain it burns in all of us.  The fuel we all need is readily available through the Lodge, Chapter, Moose Legion, Valued Veterans, Moose Riders, Mooseheart, Moosehaven, Moose Charities, Community Service, and from the Brother or Co-Worker sitting next to you during your next visit!  Please come and take as much as you need!

Fraternally and Happy New Year,


"A word about the 9 o’clock ceremony"
     At nine o’clock each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, all that are gathered in our Lodge home are asked to participate in a very special ritual that is at the heart of our Fraternity.  All are asked to rise and join in the recital of a prayer blessing Moose heart and the children that it protects.  At the conclusion, a collection is taken up to be contributed to the Mooseheart and Moosehaven Endowment Fund.  If you have yet to witness a ceremony we would encourage you to do so.  It is the essence of what our Fraternity is and will continue to be, going forward.

     Contributing to the Endowment Fund collection is voluntary, and anything that is contributed is appreciated.  There is a small white board hanging outside the Buckeye Room with the total dollars raised.
       Member Retention is key to the success of our Lodge! 
     Please be sure that your membership card is up to date, and if you do receive a dues reminder please give it your prompt attention!
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