Marietta Moose Lodge #1823 - "The friendliest place in town"

     Often, our Moose Lodges are presented as the "Friendliest Places in Town"!  With a growing membership, many faces may seem unfamiliar, so in an effort to create a bridge between "long- time" members and "new" members, we will be listing all new Lodge Brothers in the "Sternwheeler" Newsletter going forward.  If you see a new face, please say "Hi" and make them feel welcome!  Tell them a story or include them in your conversation.  Mentoring and inclusion makes for lifelong membership!

Deron Alkire        
Donald Brown       
Chuck Cassell        
Billy Deem       
Justin Dennis        
AJ Edwards        
Matthew Fordyce        
Darren Hansen        
Scott Harverty        
Elijah Kearse        
Russell Keller 
John Kennedy
Nathan Kepheart
Mark Mackey
Keelan McKleish
Ryan Merrill
Tim Miller
Hunter Moore
Brian Pracht
Michael Stark
William Tebay
Steve Thomas
Jason Waggoner
Glendon Withrow


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