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The Moose Legion "Breakfast Club"
     Enjoying the "Club" is simple...for every three (3) breakfasts purchased, one month after another, you will be awarded your 4th breakfast...FREE!!  We'll keep track for you and make sure you get your free breakfast(s)!  If you come into the Lodge for breakfast every month from September through May, you could actually earn two (2) free breakfasts!  I believe that is a deal that you can't find anywhere else!  Watch "The Sternwheeler", Lodge white boards and the website for notification of when the Moose Legion breakfasts will begin again in September, 2019!

     We hope to see many new Moose faces, taking advantage of this great offer! 
Newsletter Article (September/October, 2019)
“Moose Legion News”

Hello Brothers and Co-Workers,

     The Marietta Moose Legion Committee would like to recognize and congratulate our Brothers who were conferred with the Fellowship Degree of Honor at the Ohio State Moose Association Annual Convention!
Brothers Joe McNamee, Doug Stephen, Dan Stevens, and Andrew VonVille are the latest editions to our Lodge’s Fellowship ranks!  Please make sure to congratulate these Brothers the next time you see them! 

     We will be serving “Bloody-Mary” breakfast buffet, September 7, 2019 andon October 5, 2019.   We have bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, home fries and white and wheat toast.  Members can also purchase Bloody-Mary’s and Screwdrivers at a cost of $2.00 each, from 9AM-11AM during the breakfast!
            We will be serving stuffed peppers for dinner on September 21, 2019 and baked spaghetti on October 19,2019.  Dinners are served from 5:30-8 PM each evening.  Cost for dinner is $7 for non-Moose Legionnaires and $6 for Moose Legionnaires.  Please come down to the Lodge…support the Lodge and the Moose Legion and have some great fellowship!

            We will be tentatively scheduling another Texas Hold ‘Em tournament for the month of November 2019.  Please watch the white boards at the Lodge, The Sternwheeler and the website for further details!

            Our meeting in September will take place on September 17, 2019 and this will be another “Bring Your Own Steak” night.  Bring your favorite cut of steak for grilling and the Lodge will provide everything else to make it a great meal.  We’ll have our meeting and enjoy fellowship with other Moose Legionnaires!  The October meeting will take place on October 15, 2019!

     About Moose Legion membership…please think about joining the Moose Legion.  Your membership directly benefits our seniors at MooseHaven…helps our local Lodge and entitles you to attend such events as our Moose Legion Celebrations, Moose Legion Texas Hold ‘Em Tournaments and Moose Legion Casino Nights.  Moose Legion membership is also a pare-requisite to becoming a member of the Fellowship and/or Pilgrim Degrees.  Plus, you can enjoy benefits, like reduced prices in the Social Quarters along with reduced prices on meals that only Moose Legionnaires enjoy!  Think about it, and if you’d like to join the Moose Legion, see any Moose Legionnaire for an application. 

     Look forward to seeing all of you around our Moose home!  Thanks!


Glenn M. Hanson
Asst. Secretary
In-House Moose Legion Committee

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